Zombie Republicans 3

Ron Paul joins the chorus of free market Republicans who don’t get it.  According to CNN Paul posted a video on Youtube in which he “agrees that the economy needs to be stimulated but doesn’t think the federal government should be doing it.”

“Sure, we want more spending,” Paul said. “We need a lot more spending in the economy, but it has to be done by market forces, by individuals, by businesses making proper decisions.”

Help me.  The problem is that businesses and individuals ARE making proper decisions.  It makes a ton of sense for individuals to stop spending money in very uncertain times like this.  It makes a ton of sense for businesses to stop investment and lay off workers when they don’t have enough customers.  These are “proper decisions” by individuals and businesses.  But the consequence of their proper decisions is a devastating feedback loop that leads to recession or depression.   That’s why the government has to step in and spend.  No one else will.

Economists call this a market failure.  Zombie Republicans deny the existence of market failure.  It’s Devil Worship.  Devil Worship, I tell you!!


My commenter links to an excellent GOP zombie photo:


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  1. donnafairy

    Well, I thought you needed a photo to go with this post, so I googled “Ron Paul Zombie” and found this: http://brainshavings.com/2009/01/ron-pauls-zombie-hordes-crash.html. It looks like a Republican blog, but the photo might work well for your post, too.

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