Here is one of those lists that tells us more about the list maker than the listed.  Forbes puts forth their list of The 25 Most Influential Liberals In The U.S. Media and it includes a number of  people I recognize and admire:  Kevin Drum (23), Josh Marshall (8), Matthew Yglesias (16), Jon Stewart (5), Paul Krugman (1)—but realistically most of these people are quite moderate.  I don’t see any Dennis Kucinich backers on the list.

Then there are the people on the list that are actually conservative:  Andrew Sullivan, for example, who describes himself as conservative, is #19.  Fred Hiatt, editor of the WaPo editorial page who, Forbes says, “is pilloried by liberals” is a leading liberal at #3 because…. ummm… they don’t say.

As I say, most of the people on the list are pretty mainstream.  Even Krugman, who proudly calls himself a liberal, is a liberal in the old-school, FDR, capitalist mode.  So, if this is “the left” in America, then the center must be to the right somewhere… so I guess we must be a generally conservative country.

Of course, this is what Forbes, the listmaker, wants you to believe.


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