Rush: “if they get national healthcare, it’s over”

I understand that Alan Colmes is gone now from the Hannity and Colmes Show , but I don’t think it’s going to make a lot of difference.  I watched the beginning of  the  show a few weeks ago.  My goodness.  A little one sided, perhaps?  First Hannity does the entire voice-over introducing the show.  Then Hannity introduces the first guest and they talk about Jeremiah Wright for several minutes.  Then the camera pulls back to reveal Alan Colmes sitting at the other end of the table.  Yikes.  We are 10 minutes into the show and the liberal makes his first appearance.

In any event Colmes is gone now, and Hannity has apparently decided to take his show into a total wingnut echo chamber.  Last night he interviewed Rush Limbaugh.  A few excerpts below.  Obama is taking the country the way of the Soviet Union, Rush?  Really?  Also, I like the look on Limbaugh’s face when he says “if they get national healthcare, it’s over Sean.  We’re done.”

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