Squeaky Clean Oregon

Recent events have people speculating on the most corrupt state in the union.  Illinois, Louisiana???  Via Yglessias we have a chart of public corruption by state over the last 10 years.

No major surprise here with Louisiana at #1.  But I didn’t think Oregon would be absolute cleanest state in the union.



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2 responses to “Squeaky Clean Oregon

  1. donnafairy

    I was looking for Alaska and it’s not on the list, so I counted the number of states and it looks like 15 didn’t make the list. I assume that’s because they have no corruption convictions during the ten years. After this year’s data is added, perhaps a few more states will make the list.

  2. steve

    good point. I guess they just looked at the 35 most populous states. Also, it’s just conviction per 100,000 population. Seems like there should be some weighting for the scale of the offense.

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