In my inbox

From a recent email I received….


I Donald and my sister Jenny may wish to know if we can entrust in you in helping us to receive the $35mUSD (Thirty Five Million United States Dollars) our parents had with a Financial Institution here before their untimely death by the assassins.”

And so forth.  This is of course the famous “419” advance fee fraud that apparently nets Nigerian scammers around $200 million per year.  It’s hard to believe people get sucked into this kind of thing, but it seems to me that the scammers would have a lot better luck if they didn’t write in such weird stilted language.  I mean phrases like “wish to know if we can entrust” and “untimely death by assasins” sounds like something from a bad Victorian novel.

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One response to “In my inbox

  1. donnafairy

    Yeah, if you want my help to recover your $35 million, please use proper grammar when you submit your request.

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