The ACORN Conspiracy

According to the GOP, the ACORN organization is poised to steal the election by sending millions of zombie voters out on election day to cast phony votes.  As I understand it, the program will work something like the plot-line of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.

This one has been programmed to vote for Obama, too!

This one has been programmed to vote for Obama, too!

This must be true since it’s the coordinated message coming from the RNC, McCain, and the Wall Street Journal editorial pages.

And that’s the version coming from the responsible wing of the GOP.  Over at wing-nut headquarters, Rush Limbaugh is connecting all the dots.  He’s been onto the ACORN fraud for years, but now he finally realizes that it’s not just election fraud.  ACORN is at the epicenter of a giant left wing conspiracy.  It goes something like this: African-Americans don’t get ahead in American society.  This can’t be because of racism, therefore it must be that liberal welfare programs break up the black family and keep African-Americans poor.  Liberals promote these programs because it creates a lot of government jobs for them, and gives them a chance to teach blacks to hate America just like liberals do.

All of this is old news, but now, with the rise of a black, liberal, community-organizer as the Democratic nominee, Rush finally puts it together—the ringleader of this entire program is Barack Obama!

Of course!!  It’s all very clear now.

To think millions of people listen to this guy.  All of this is via Joe Lyles, a guy in Jacksonville, Florida who apparently listens to Limbaugh every day and takes the time record his broadcast, refute his BS, and put it into a podcast—what a trooper.  It’s about five minutes long.

listen to Rush here

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