Voter fraud fraud

All indicators point to a GOP bloodbath this November.  GOPers are asking themselves how something like that could possibly happen?  It couldn’t be that the GOP led the country into avoidable economic catastrophe and avoidable senseless war.  No, it must be VOTER FRAUD (see WSJ, RNC, etc., etc.)

Sorry Karl & Co—there are almost no instances of actual in-person voter fraud in this country–certainly not enough to throw an election.  If there were, why didn’t the Supreme Court point them out in their recent decision upholding Indiana’s voter ID law?  There’s a reason voter fraud is so rare:  it’s really hard to do.  Let’s say you want to win an election with phony votes.  You need to register phony people.  You need to find enough people willing to risk a felony conviction by showing up at a polling booth and lie about who they are.  You need to control how they actually vote, or trust them.  And, you have to do this in enough numbers to influence an election.

It doesn’t happen.

Are there phony registrations? Yes. Read this to find out how that happens and why it’s largely irrelevant



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3 responses to “Voter fraud fraud

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  2. DK

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but this whole Acorn thing is not so much about voter fraud as it is about registration fraud. Who decided to call it “voter” fraud? Voter fraud occurs when prospective voters are afraid t vote because they’ve been told police will be on hand arresting people with delinquent taxes or child support payments, or when voting machines “lose” votes in pivotal areas.

  3. steve

    That’s a good point. Why “voter fraud” instead of “registration fraud” when no fraudulent votes are ever cast? I guess we know the answer to that…claiming voter fraud is a really big deal in GOP land, however. I surf over to the Republican National Committee site every now and then, and for months there has been a prominent link to “Vote Fraud Updates”. Now they are ramping up the Acorn charges. Maybe McSame will bring it up in the debate…

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