New York Times editorial response to the GOP convention so far:

“Three days into the Republican National Convention, it is clear that the G.O.P. has settled on a message: “Washington is not working.” The phrase is included in virtually every speech and every statement in St Paul.

The difficulty for the Republican ticket in talking about change and reform and acting like insurgents is that they have been running Washington — the White House and Congress — for most of the last eight years.

Sarah Palin, the vice presidential nominee, was a combative and witty relief at a torpid convention. But it was bizarre hearing the running mate of a 26-year veteran of Congress, a woman who was picked to placate the right-wing elite, mocking “the permanent political establishment in Washington.”

And we couldn’t imagine what Mitt Romney was thinking when he denounced “liberal Washington” and then, at the convention of the party that brought you unimpeded presidential spying, declared: “It’s time for the party of big ideas, not the party of Big Brother!

I find it hard to believe that many folks are going to buy the “GOP as insurgents” argument; not after the Bush debacle.  I also find it a bit hard to believe very many will be taken in by the Sarah Palin Cultural Warrior routine—particularly with John McCain at his side.  Wasn’t McCain mocking far right just a few years ago?


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  1. DK

    I hope you’re right that not many will be taken in, but she certainly does seem to ring some bells. Personally, I didn’t find her especially witty and combative, and certainly not reassuring or competent. It’s hard to imagine her talking to foreign leaders. To my sensibilities, it was more like a high school valedictory address.

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