Like most people my response to McCain’s VP selection was a big “huh?”.  Followed by much googling.  Who is Sarah Palin?  Now we know she’s been governor of Alaska for less than two years; before that Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 6715).  In addition she’s young, militantly anti-abortion, and has the good looks of a babe/librarian.  But is she ready to be President if McCain tips over?

Almost no one thinks so (Kevin Drum has a run-down).  GOP operatives have been trying (valiantly) to defend the choice all day.  Two thoughts:

One, no doubt McCain knew when he chose her that experience and readiness would be an issue, and the planned response (used by McCain campaign folks all day)  has been “Dems nominated Obama.  Look who’s talking!”.  This is a bogus comparison.  Obama had 12 years experience as a legislator in a big state; 3 years in the US Senate.  In addition Obama wasn’t appointed to his position.  He put his credentials to the electoral test; people voted; he won.  Palin is on the national stage because one person, John McCain, put her there.

Two, what does this tell us about McCain?  He’s willing to entrust the Vice-Presidency of the US to someone who, less than two years ago, was mayor of a small town in Alaska?  That’s judgment?  No, that’s pure, cynical, political gamesmanship.


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