It’s the worldview, stupid

Biden, Kerry, and Bill all delivered good speeches last night, finally taking it to McCain and the GOP. It’s interesting how almost everyone seems to say something on the order of “I like John McCain”—before dismantling him and his many flip-flops.  Unfortunately, as Amy Sullivan notes, the attacks seem to stop there before asking the all-important question why:

Democrats might find it would be more effective if they explained why they’re so disappointed with their friend John McCain. How did this great guy they admire so much became a candidate whose positions appall them? It wasn’t a fluke, it wasn’t like he had a personality transplant. And the answer would seem to fit perfectly into a powerful Democratic narrative. John McCain changed because that’s what he had to do to win the Republican nomination. That’s what the reigning conservative ideology and interests demanded of him.

That’s what Kevin Drum hopes Obama does tonight:

…he needs to make people understand that all the stuff they don’t like about the past eight years isn’t just the fault of one guy’s idiosyncrasies, it’s the fault of an entire worldview. And if you elect McCain, you’re electing that worldview too.


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