More contrast, please

I’ve been reading the news this morning for about 45 minutes and finally found someone thinking the same thing I was thinking about last night’s Democratic Convention.  Mathew Yglessias:

“I’ve been watching the Democratic Convention for something like three hours now and I think Claire McCaskill who just finished was the first speaker who actually took some time to make an argument against John McCain.  …I understand that the theory of the day is that Democrats want to introduce people to Barack Obama, but it seems to me that it’s hardly impossible to work a few digs at the other guy into a talk that’s mostly about the virtues of your candidate.”

If not “digs”— they at at least should work in some “compare and contrast” with the Republican Party.

If Democrats are worried about party unity I would suggest that nothing will unite the party like a clear description of what another GOP presidency would mean.  Overturn Roe v. Wade.  Continued attacks on social programs like Social Security and Medicare.  Vetoes on anything remotely approaching national healthcare.  American military as the knee-jerk response to any and all foreign policy problems.  In other words, a dead-weight anchor on any and all progress.


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  1. donnafairy

    OK, I guess they could have worked in a few more policy contrasts, but it was only Day One. Hilary will probably be digging and jabbing all over the place tonight. Personally, I liked the heartfelt inspiration of Michele’s speech, as well as her brother introduction – even though he did extol the virtues of that other Oregon team with, “Go Beavers!”

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