Tax revolt

The Wall Street Journal reports that “A Tax Revolt is Quietly Brewing“.  The evidence for this is that many states have tax measures on the ballot, including Oregon where Measure 59 would allow unlimited deduction of federal taxes on state tax returns.  The tax revolt would benefit exclusively the wealthy.  I love this chart from the Oregon Center for Public Policy. It tells you exactly who benefits when conservatives “cut taxes”.  It doesn’t matter whether its property taxes, income taxes, or what—the benefit goes to a tiny slice of extraordinarily wealthy people.  It’s amazing these “tax revolts” get any votes at all.

This measure in Oregon is remarkable mainly because of the pittance they toss to the middle income voter.  Two bucks?  Jeez, guys.  Does greed have no bounds?


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  1. donnafairy

    The sad thing is that, I think, many lower income people support measures like this, measures that don’t actually save any tax dollars for them.

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