What would Reagan do?

Conservatives are in a funk these days. W’s approval ratings hover at 30%.  The GOP is about to nominate for president someone who once called Rush Limbaugh a clown and Jerry Falwell “an agent of intolerance”.  Everyone knows it’s a Democratic year.

What’s a conservative to do these days?

In the case of The Heritage Foundation the answer appears to be “begin the process of deifying Ronald Reagan.” They’ve launched an entire website devoted to answering the question: “What would Reagan Do?”

Isn’t this a bit sacrilegious? It’s obviously a reference to the question “What would Jesus do?”.

In any event, the site entertains its visitors with the “question of the week”. For example:

What did Reagan see when he looked into the heart of America?
1) Goodness and truth
2) Greed and selfishness
3) Fear and racism

Visitors returning the following week can find the correct answer to the previous week’s question. For example, the correct answer to the question above is number one.
Just passing the time. Just passing the time.


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