Remembering Fawn Hall

I was surfing the web for info on the Iran-Contra scandal recently. I think it was because Iran-Contra seems like the template for the Bush/Cheney regime: contempt for Congress and the rule of law, a generalized worship of all things military, and an unbelievable incompetence. In any event, I stumbled on this, a description of Oliver North’s secretary, Fawn Hall, attempting to transfer money to the Iranians:

“Funding from one foreign country, Brunei, was botched when North’s secretary, Fawn Hall, transposed the numbers of North’s Swiss bank account number. A Swiss businessman, suddenly $10 million richer, alerted the authorities of the mistake. The money was eventually returned to the Sultan of Brunei, with interest.”

The conservative movement in a nutshell. Incompetent autocrats.


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