Limbaugh Lie of the Day

I listen to the Joe Lyle’s Limbaugh Lie of the Day” pretty frequently. Sometimes it’s OK; sometimes it’s great. At the very least I get to listen to how the radical-right-reactionary Rush Limbaugh is framing things. In today’s episode Lyle nails it.

Context: Limbaugh attacks Obama for his speech in Berlin. To paraphrase,

Obama: America is working to live up to it’s ideal that everyone is created equal with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But we’ve fallen short in ways.

Limbaugh: See, I told you Obama hates America.

Lyle: Obama didn’t say anything that hasn’t been said many times, and America is trying to live up to its ideals. But at every step of the way, whether it was ending slavery, or Jim Crow, or child labor; or establishing right of women to vote, or promoting universal education for children, or promoting many other efforts to live up to our ideals—some people have always stood in the way. You know what we call those people today? Conservatives.

Anyway, it’s pretty fun. Click on the link below to listen (about ten minutes).



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