Beer Heiress

Lou Aguilar at the National Review has put together the top ten reasons “Real Men Vote for McCain”. Among them is this:

7. Obama is married to a bitter, angry lawyer who became “proud” of her country for the first time this year. McCain’s wife is a beer heiress who founded an organization to provide MASH-style units to disaster-torn world regions. Did I mention that she’s a beer heiress?

Cindy, this new ad campaign is just awesome!!

"Cindy, this new ad campaign is just awesome!!"

Marrying a “beer heiress” is considered macho? I didn’t realize marrying into money was considered macho. Didn’t Kerry get bashed doing exactly the same thing? But then I realized that it’s not so much the money that impresses Aguilar, its the beer. He uses the phrase “beer heiress” twice, not just wealthy or heiress.

Now beer is clearly a guy thing, but I would think actually swilling a six-pack would be something a “real man” would do; not marrying the brewmeister. Maybe Aguilar is saying that by marrying a beer heiress McCain will likely get free beer for life. Also, he has very good chance of hanging out with those babes that make beer commercials. Now those are manly goals.


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  1. donnafairy

    How absurd! How can this Lou guy be taken seriously? This is political analysis? Are you sure it was in the National Review and not National Lampoon? Quick, someone get me a beer!

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