Framing Obama

From the Washington Post today:

POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. — Sen. Barack Obama on Tuesday broadly dismissed recent stories that he is moving toward the political center, saying he has always held certain centrist views — on encouraging faith, on the right of individuals to own guns — and that attempts to portray him otherwise are the work of cynics.

One supporter, a self-declared “reformed Republican,” asked Obama at a town hall meeting to describe his true position on Iraq, following a spate of stories saying Obama is changing his position.

Obama, egged on by a raucous audience, said he would like to address “this whole notion that I am shifting to the center, or that I am flip-flopping.”

Wow. This story (Obama’s a flip flopper) has legs. It started at least two weeks ago and he’s still defending himself.

If you look at the record Obama has changed almost nothing about his Iraq policy. He always said the goal is to be out of Iraq in 16 months. He always said he would listen to military commanders and react to the situation in Iraq as it develops. But now his statement that he may “refine” his policy based on events is portrayed as a radical departure.

Personally, I think we should be far more concerned with politicians who (not mentioning any names) pursue policies with blind fervor regardless of changing events. As if the only conceivable means to judge a leader is that, if he makes a decision and then changes course at all, regardless of the changing circumstances, he’s a fool and flip-flopper. Where did that mindless judgment come from?

In my opinion, it comes from the needy media. They need excitement and drama to sell advertising space, yet they are terrified of appearing partisan; especially liberal partisan (because everyone knows they are liberal to begin with!!!). Therefore rather than take chances by actually reporting events they drum up drama, and debunk their liberal bias, by playing “gotcha” journalism with liberals.

Of course, Obama hasn’t changed position on Iraq or anything else, in any substantive way. Meanwhile his presidential competitor has literally reversed positions on everything from taxes to torture. Not as a reaction to changing events, but a humiliating pander to the radical wing of his party.


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