Let the framing begin

If there was any question what the conservative campaign theme this year would be, there isn’t now.

“Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.” But Republicans have the answer:

Cue soothing music, soft-focus on a young-family’s picnic in field; deep voiced narrator intones “Only one man can keep us safe in times like these” while the camera pans to John McCain surveying the field with an eagle-eyed gaze exuding steely resolve. Narrator: “While John McCain is looking out for us, Democrats are helping courts help terrorists.” Camera zooms out to reveal McCain watching, protecting, not just the family, not just the country, but the entire planet. Narrator: “Can we entrust this to out of control courts and bureaucrats?”

Or something like that. By the way, based on the “lets drill for oil everywhere” blitz that the GOP put on two weeks ago, I’d say the problem of high energy prices fits into the same theme pretty well:

“Concerned about high gas prices? Concerned that all your money is going to the Middle East? Don’t you think it’s time Democrats and their obstructionist friends in THE GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRACIES and in THE COURTS let us drill for oil offshore and in ANWR?

Never mind that bringing all that oil into the world market would have almost no effect on the price of gas. The media won’t report that dry analysis when they can get great sound bites and video by following around hysterical, fear-mongering, conservatives.


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