Old news

Now that former White House flack Scott McClellan has told us that Bush launched his war in Iraq behind an aggressive “political propaganda campaign” AND we have the phase 2 report from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the use of intelligence in the run up to the Iraq War—-I’m tempted to say “too little too late, guys. Where were you six years ago?”

Well, the Senate committee has a pretty good excuse. Their report had been stonewalled by Republicans for years and wouldn’t have been issued EVEN NOW had the Democrats not taken the majority in 2006.

As for McClellan, is it really reasonable to expect the person whose job it is to flack for the White House to be the whistleblower in the run up to the Iraq war? Jeebus. The fact that he wrote this book at all is compelling evidence that the Bush/Cheney lie machine was just too frickin’ much—even for a professional spinner.

Bottom line: neither of these revelations makes any difference for Iraq or America now; someone has to figure out how to make the best of a bad situation. Still, it’s important to get as much information as possible about the Bush/Cheney years down on paper—from primary sources. Historians need to know what kind of total bullshit Bush, Cheney, and the radical right were pedaling.


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