There’s a ton of speculation about running mates for Obama and McCain these days, but realistically, isn’t the entire concept of a new VP a bit presumptuous? What reason do we have to believe that Cheney will leave office January 20, 2009? I understand it’s required by the Constitution, but Cheney hasn’t exhibited any particular interest in following the Constitution to this point.

The more I think about it, the more likely it seems that he will in fact stay in office, particularly if it’s President Obama taking the Oath next January. Cheney has always tossed the Constitution in the dumpster whenever he’s perceives a security risk and what could be more risky for the country than to elect a Democratic president? Particularly one who actually opposed the Iraq War? Cheney has called Democrats traitors numerous times. How could he possibly justify leaving office when his country desperately desperately needs him?


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