More housing

Here’s another chart from Case-Shiller data. I’m surprised that Portland-Seattle tops this chart of home appreciation since 1990. Home’s are definitely more expensive in California. I guess by 1990 the real estate market in the Northwest was just heating up—California’s had already boomed through the 80s (click to enlarge).


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  1. donnafairy

    I am surprised that they don’t include any cities in Texas in their charts. I read somewhere that people are moving from rust belt cities like Detroit to Texas destinations, like Dallas and Houston.

    Also, Houston experienced an influx of people from New Orleans, after Katrina. I wonder if that increase in population had any impact on housing values there. It seems that an increase in demand for housing may have increased housing values in Houston. On the other hand, maybe the population increase had a negative impact and brought values down.

    And, as we were discussing last night, San Antonia is one of the largest cities in the country. I wonder how the housing market there is holding up… or down.

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