Is that stent right for you?

Maggie Mahar reports that coronary stent manufacturer CypherUSA has launched a massive, glossy, direct-to-consumer advertising campaign encouraging consumers to take charge of their heart surgery by demanding the CypherUSA stent. She describes their latest commercial here, or you can watch it here, However I’m imagining the scene in the doctor’s office as these crucial, pre-op decisions are made:

Patient: Now Doc, I know this is a life-threatening situation and you’re the one with years of experience and training–and to tell the truth, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a left ventricle and a left testicle–but I’d just like to make sure we’re using the best equipment. Have you heard of the CypherUSA B200D stent?

Doctor: Well, yes I have. We use it primarily because discerning patients like you demand the best! Excellent choice.

Jesus, help me. Where in the hell do they scrape up these marketing people? Why do we as a society allow this to go on?


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One response to “Is that stent right for you?

  1. donnafairy

    In watching the ad, it seems that the intent is to get more people to request the angioplasty procedure, as well as the Cypher stent. This seems just as silly though. Angioplasties have been performed for over 30 years now. According to, over two million angioplasties are performed worldwide each year. The notion that a cardiologist might not think of it as an option – unless the well-informed patient speaks up – seems pretty absurd. And the idea that the patient would know better than the presumably experienced heart surgeon which stent to use is, you point, totally laughable.

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