Kathleen Parker: profiles in bigotry

I’m with Steve Benen on this deal. Kathleen Parker’s column today might be the most repellent thing I’ve read in a long while. It begins with the following:

“A full-blooded American.”

That’s how 24-year-old Josh Fry of West Virginia described his preference for John McCain over Barack Obama. His feelings aren’t racist, he explained. He would just be more comfortable with “someone who is a full-blooded American as president.”

Whether Fry was referring to McCain’s military service or Obama’s Kenyan father isn’t clear, but he may have hit upon something essential in this presidential race.

Full-bloodedness is an old coin that’s gaining currency in the new American realm. Meaning: Politics may no longer be so much about race and gender as about heritage, core values, and made-in-America. Just as we once and still have a cultural divide in this country, we now have a patriot divide.

Who “gets” America? And who doesn’t? … It’s about blood equity, heritage and commitment to hard-won American values. And roots.

Some run deeper than others and therein lies the truth of Fry’s political sense.

I thought one of Obama’s advantages would be that it would be more difficult for GOPers to launch “Willie Horton” style attacks against a black man. Such ads would appear so obviously racist.

Apparently that’s not a problem.

Obama isn’t a “full-blooded American”? He doesn’t have “blood equity”? This is the “patriot divide”? Yikes.

Parker was born too late. She would have made an excellent press secretary for George Wallace or Lester Maddox. And who know? If a forceful voice like hers had existed in the sixties, maybe people like Obama would have stayed in the back of the bus a we wouldn’t be forced to deal with this “blood equity” thing.


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