The Dangerous Wing

Imagine for a moment that you are a citizen of Egypt or Iraq or Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Like almost everyone you know, you’re Muslim.  Politically you are moderate.  Yes, some hotheads are always claiming that America is the great Satan intent on dominating your country or eradicating your religion, but you’ve never really believed it.

But now those hotheads are pointing to influential American religious leaders who appear with American political leaders like John McCain. One is Pastor Hagee who talks about Armageddon Theology. Another is Rod Parsley who says that “America was founded in part with the intention of seeing this false religion (Islam) destroyed.

It’s getting kind of hard for our moderate Muslim guy to argue against the hotheads who want to conduct jihad against America, isn’t it? By consorting with nuts like Parsley and Hagee the GOP has spent years giving the radical jihadists all kinds of proof that jihadists are right.

Unlike the wackos on the left, the wackos on the right really are dangerous to the country. They wouldn’t be nearly as dangerous if the GOP didn’t suck up to them. Time to renounce and denounce, Mr. McCain.


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