McCain health plan…still waiting

As many people have observed McCain’s health plan leans heavily on the individual market for health insurance. Those with pre-existing conditions (like himself) would be unable to get insurance in that market. It’s a huge problem–56 million people would be exposed to losing health insurance under his plan.

Now that he’s spent an entire week rolling out his health plan–let’s check in with the Senator and see how he proposes to fix the giant gap in his healthcare policy. From his website:

As President, John McCain will work with governors to develop a best practice model that states can follow a Guaranteed Access Plan or GAP – that would reflect the best experience of the states to ensure these patients have access to health coverage”

In other words he’s going to dump it on the states. And what will the states do? Based on past experience, not much. The problem is, states are already trying to address this problem with their High Risk Pools, but many states don’t have them and none of them work well. In the the words of the policy expert at Healthcare Policy and Marketplace Review:

I don’t know of a single state that has been able to provide widely available access to health insurance for people who cannot get it.

Keep in mind he is talking about the situation as it is NOW, before the McCain plan dumps millions of more people into the individual market.

Also keep in mind that McCain’s plan is literally no plan. He proposes to “work with the governors” once he becomes president.

Doesn’t it seem like conservatives are ALWAYS “solving” problems by announcing some unspecified plan or secret arrangement or detail-free proposal that will, you know, kinda get worked out in the future after they’re elected?

Be that as it may, I have a specific proposal: I’d like to see McCain waive his federal health insurance and do a little personal exploration of the state high-risk health pools. Come back and tell us how you like it, Senator. Hint: don’t start looking in Arizona; it’s one of the 17 states that doesn’t have a high-risk pool. Apparently someone needs to work with the governor on that.



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3 responses to “McCain health plan…still waiting

  1. DK

    Hmmm . . . It seems like someone would have thought twice before naming the plan GAP.

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