The new DNC ad

The DNC has a new ad in response to an ongoing battle between Democrats and Republicans over McCain’s “happy to be in Iraq for 100 years” comment a few weeks ago. Democrats say it proves McCain doesn’t mind a hundred years war in the Middle East; Republicans say McCain’s comment is taken out of context because he clearly added the qualification “as long as there are no casualties”.

So what does the DNC do? Simply run an ad quoting McCain without the “no casualties” caveat and say “nanner nanner, we’ve got it on tape!”

What does this prove? Does it even put the McCain on the defensive? Not really. It just ignores the controversy and gives Republicans a reasonable basis to complain.

McCain’s comment does give Democrats an opening (which the ad ignores) because McCain’s comment implies that he is in fact against an open-ended commitment. Tell us, Senator McCain, if 100 years of casualties is too long, what time frame do you have in mind? Fifty years? Five years? Since we’ve already been there five years, is it time to come home?

It seems to me this approach is much more effective since McCain clearly does want to stay in Iraq forever no matter what. He’s just wishing for a casualty-free zone. Wishing isn’t a foreign policy.


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