Here’s one of the stranger things I’ve stumbled across recently. A new book published by conservative Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) and J. David Woodard. The book, according to Amazon’s description

“…calls on Americans who believe in traditional values to resist the urge to stay silent and thus safe under the shameless onslaught of pressure, intimidation, and ridicule from the San Francisco-loving, NY Times reading, multicultural, anti-business, French-first, tree-hugging secular progressives and liberal political elites.”

The blurb on the cover is from Rush Limbaugh.

Apparently the people who listen to Rush (20 million strong), who control one of the two major political parties in America, who have elected presidents sympathetic to their cause for a majority of the past 28 years, and who very nearly control the Supreme Court—-consider themselves victims of “intimidation” from “political elites”. That’s why they have to whisper.


I thought liberals were the ones who complained about being victims. At least that’s what George Will said last week.


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