Is John McCain a moderate?

I have to say I’ve always kind of liked the guy. Especially when he’s calling the religious right “the agents of intolerance”, or expressing contempt for wingnut radio yappers. As Frank Rich noted recently

You’ve got to love a guy who said a few years ago that he regretted likening Mr. Limbaugh to “a circus clown” because of all the complaints from circus clowns insulted by the comparison. “I would like to extend my apologies to Bozo, Chuckles and Krusty,”

So, when it comes to the nuttier sections of the GOP coalition it seems that his heart’s in the right place. But what about things that really matter? Policy issues. War and peace. Bread and butter.

On economics we know he has a far-right adviser running the show, Phil Gramm, as I previously noted.

I just googled “McCain foreign policy”. Here’s who turns up: Randy Scheunemann. According to RightWeb Schuenemann is

“A well-connected lobbyist and political insider with strong ties to the neoconservative political faction, Randy Scheunemann has been involved in a number of advocacy campaigns aimed at pushing an aggressive U.S. foreign policy agenda in recent years, helping found the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq (CLI), an advocacy outfit that emerged in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to push for war in Iraq. Along with other like-minded groups, including the now mostly defunct Project for the New American Century (for which Scheunemann served as a director).”

OMG, not the Project for a New American Century again!! If you are thinking about voting for McCain the moderate. Think twice.


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