JIm Webb on voting Democratic

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) on voting Democratic

Last year the Republican Party engaged in 63 filibusters in order to keep the new Democratic Congress from enacting the kind of changes that America expects from its elected representatives. To put that into perspective, in the entire history of our country the record for filibusters in a two-year congress was 61, and the Republicans broke that record in one year.

On one of these votes, I fought for an amendment to require that active-duty troops be allowed to have as much time at home between overseas deployments as they have had to spend in Iraq or Afghanistan. It would have ensured that our troops are rested, properly trained and have time to reconnect with their families before being sent back overseas. We won a majority of 56 votes in the Senate — but we couldn’t overcome the Republican filibuster.

Exactly. No important legislation will pass Congress next year unless Democrats can overcome the GOP blockade. There are still some Republicans around who appear relatively moderate including—-I think this is perception more than a fact—John McCain. But no matter how reasonable and likable a candidate appears, the “-R” after his name is the mark of a radical political movement that will demand, and receive, allegiance. Witness McCain’s own humiliating conversion to GOP radicalism as the price for getting the GOP nomination. He repudiated his votes against tax cuts and even his stand against torture, and genuflected before the likes of Pat Robertson, people who he once called “agents of intolerance”.


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