Over the years Charles Krauthammer has used his column at the Washington Post to help George Bush advance whatever story he wants to put out. For example, without the assistance of Krauthammer, Bush would have had a more difficult time selling the story that bin Laden and Saddam were in cahoots, or that Social Security was in dire straits and needed to be fixed by diverting its revenue to Wall Street, or that Bush tax cuts benefit the broad middle class.

Yesterday Matthew Yglessias pointed to one particular example of Krauthammer stooging for the Bushies. This is from Krauthammer’s May 2003 column entitled “The Shiite Menace”:

“Before the war even began, the critics were predicting that Iraq was going to be the Bay of Pigs.. . A week into the war, we were told Iraq was Vietnam. Now, after the war, they’re telling us that Iraq is Iran — that Iraq’s Shiite majority will turn it into another intolerant Islamic republic.The critics were wrong every time. They are wrong again… .
The Shiite demonstrators in Iraqi streets represent a highly organized minority, many of whom are affiliated with, infiltrated by and financed by Tehran, the headquarters for 20 years of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq.These Iranian-oriented Shiite extremists are analogous to [many other extremist organizations that failed].”

These days, of course, The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) is the dominant political force in Iraq and the Iraqi government proudly welcomes Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his state visits. Has this development given Krauthammer pause? Has he perhaps questioned his original judgment? Of course not! As Yglessias puts it:

“Krauthammer would have nothing but scorn for anyone who doesn’t want to see American troops fighting, killing, and dying for an indefinite period of time all for the sake of SCIRI’s hold on power”

In his latest column Krauthammer directs his scorn at—I’m not making this up —those who would advance a “dirty lie” for political purposes. Even if he’s making a valid point this time—and I don’t—has this man no shame.


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