Bush’s War revisited

When I saw that PBS’s Frontline was doing a major, multi-part series on “Bush’s War” my immediate instinct was to watch it. But then, having second thoughts, I just recorded it. Now that I have Matthew’s Yglessias’ reaction, I think I’ll ignore it:

“… I checked out Frontline’s “Bush’s War” last night. It was, to me, physically difficult to watch. The idea of seriously sitting down to interview Richard Perle about Iraq — your interviewer here, your cameraman there, etc. — is, to me, vaguely repulsive. How could you listen to him when you ought to be punching him? I dunno. Do I want to watch him talk on my television? Or John Yoo? Even in the context of a documentary that makes it clear that they’re repulsive sociopaths? Not really.”

Do we really need more evidence that the people who gave us Gitmo, the Iraq War, and Abu Ghraib are fools and liars? Do we really need to listen to them anymore?

Bush, I understand, being president and all, has a right to be heard. But Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, Feith….? I feel sick typing their names.


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