I think it was Winston Churchill who once said “I like a man who fights with a smile on his face” (although I can’t find the quote by googling). I’d say that’s a fair description of Steve Novick who is running for US Senate in Oregon. I saw him for the first time yesterday at the City Club. At 4’9″ he doesn’t look imposing, but he certainly wasn’t afraid to take the fight to Jeff Merkley.

But here’s the cool part. It’s not a bitter, mean, sniping kind of attack. It’s funny. It’s not “you are a liar Mr. Merkley”; it’s “when you said X about me, Mr. Merkley, did your pants catch fire”? He had the place rolling with laughter. Or, on the possibility of using nuclear power: “carbon dioxide emissions are serious problem; does that mean we need radiation treatment”?

As for his politics, he says Peter DeFazio is his hero; he supports Obama now–Edwards until he dropped out; Kitzhaber endorsed him. He’s smart (Harvard Law), but hasn’t held elective office before (as near as I can tell) so he’s a bit of an unknown. I’d say he’s definitely worth a look. In a year when people are looking for change he has a clear advantage. As one of his supporters put it “if Steve Novick doesn’t represent change, I don’t know who does”.

Check out his latest ad:


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  1. donnafairy

    I just love that ad! The “little guy” has a wonderful sense of humor that is refreshing… as an ice cold beer. And he would make a great guest on The Daily Show. I think that I will email Jon Stewart right now.

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