Discovering Boortz

I thought I’d read up on the Fair Tax, the proposal to abolish the IRS and impose a 30% sales tax nationwide, so I bought The Fair Tax Book by Neil Boortz and John Linder. The idea sounds extreme to me, but national figures like Huckabee support it and apparently scores of economists do too.

In any event, I don’t know much about the proposal yet, but I’m learning more about the authors. The other day I listened to the Conceptual Gorilla podcast and he happened to be interviewing a fellow podcaster Jack Clark who had a clip from Fair Tax author Neil Boortz’s radio show. I didn’t even know Boortz was a radio talker. As I say, I’m learning.

In any event Boortz is evidently another right-wing wing-nut. You really should listen to this guy denouncing the victims of Katrina. Whew! The whole podcast is pretty good but if you don’t want to devote 36 minutes to listen to all of it, listen to minutes 2 through 7. Boortz: “New Orleans was a city of the useless, the worthless… parasites, a welfare city”. This is a best selling author and radio personality—an “opinion leader” in America.


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  1. donnafairy

    Wow, that takes my breath away. I just cannot believe that anyone would seriously and publicly blame the victims of Katrina for their suffering.

    Then again, that approach sounds somewhat similar to certain religious notions of reaping what is sown or paying karmic debts. And if that’s the case, then Mr. Boortz better get ready for some serious karma payback of his own!

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