Bush’s War v4.352

It’s getting hard to understand what we are fighting for in Iraq. Two weeks ago the Iraqi parliament passed legislation calling for provincial elections in October that many, including the Bush administration, thought would be a step toward power sharing among feuding Shiite, Kurd, and Sunni factions. It was exactly the kind of political development that could conceivably lead to a democratic, stable Iraq, and make the five-year, $3 trillion American sacrifice in Iraq worthwhile—or at least not a complete fiasco.

On Wednesday the three-man presidential council headed by President Jalal Talabani vetoed the legislation.

Four days later Iranian crazy-man, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, arrived in Baghdad for a visit. Here is how the Center for American Progress described the visit:

“Not only was it the first visit to Iraq by an Iranian leader since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, it was the first by any Middle East leader since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003. The manner of Ahmadinejad’s arrival was striking. Unlike President Bush’s surprise appearances in Iraq, which are kept secret until the last minute, Ahmadinejad announced his trip weeks ago. While most foreign officials visiting Iraq normally travel by helicopter to avoid the dangerous airport highway, Ahmadinejad, after descend[ing] the stairs of his presidential jet smiling and waving,” traveled by motorcade to the home of Iraqi President Jalal Talibani. There, inIraq’s first full state welcome for any leader since the US-led invasion,” the two men clasped hands and exchanged traditional kisses on the cheeks before walking together down a red carpet to review an honor guard as a military band played the two national anthems.”

If this keeps up we will be working to install some secular Sunni strongman to stabilize the place and contain the Iranians. Sound familiar?


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