Limbaugh on Hope

Now and then–because I’m wondering what’s happening on the radical right–I listen to Sean Hannity’s radio show for a few minutes. Unfortunately, I never get a chance to listen to the maestro, the original, his eminence—Rush Limbaugh. His show doesn’t fit my schedule.

But there’s good news. There’s a guy who listens to him apparently every day—and puts together a podcast of his greatest moments. He calls it Limbaugh’s Lie of the Day.

What a public service!

In today’s episode we hear Limbaugh denouncing Obama because he advocates “hope”. I’m not making this up. In Limbaugh-land “hope” is now a vice. It’s for weak people. “Libs”. He goes so far as to quote—I’m not making this up either—Friedrich Nietzsche as an authority on the subject.

In any event, I recommend listening to this podcast. It’s about ten minutes long, but the first five are the best.


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