Debate highlight?

Both Kevin Drum and Arianna Huffington watched last night’s debate and concluded that Hillary scored big time with her challenge to Obama. In Huffington’s words

“…everything changed when the candidates were allowed to ask each other questions. Clinton seized the opportunity to turn her Achilles heel into a strength by asking Obama to join her in cosponsoring a bill “to reign in President Bush,” and force him to come before Congress with any plans that would prolong the U.S. commitment in Iraq. It was a brilliant tactical move, a sweeping gesture intended to blur the huge advantage Obama has as the only one of the three to have opposed the war from the beginning.”


I watched this exchange and literally laughed. No matter how much Clinton backpedals and retracts these days, the fact remains that she was one of the GREAT ENABLERS of Bush’s Iraq fiasco. I can’t remember what Obama said, but he didn’t laugh. That would have been the correct response. Do people really believe that this question from Hillary somehow changes people’s perception of the difference between Clinton and Obama on Iraq?


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  1. DK

    Thank goodness. I’m so relieved to see that someone else saw it the way I did! I couldn’t believe the spin afterwards, that Hillary had reasserted herself as the one to beat, the leader of the pack. If anything, I thought she came off somewhat pedantic, a little too wonkish — lecturing us about economics, making sure we understood that SHE understood the issues. Obviously, I’ll be happy to support whoever the Democratic nominee is. I thought what happened in the debate was that all the candidates presented a more unified Democratic front. They did a good job of drawing distinctions among themselves and, at the same time, of underscoring the stark differences between the Democratic and Republican visions for America.

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