And the story of the day is….

…Hillary tears up...

As Kevin Drum describes it..

And the top political story of the day is….Hillary Clinton displaying a brief moment of emotion. At a campaign stop today, after she was asked how she puts up with the rigors of campaigning, her eyes “appeared to well up” (Washington Post) and her voice “softened and lowered to a near-hush” (New York Times), providing a “dramatic coda to a campaign in which she has largely offered voters policy prescription” (Los Angeles Times).

This is news?

I don’t know how or why this became a story but I assume it has something to do with the brain dead media and the radical right.

Is it any wonder our democracy is in trouble? I suppose they are suggesting that this is a “telling personal incident”. I’d rather have a president who shows some emotion occasionally than one, like our Dear Leader W, who is so emotionally dead he mocks people he’s about to execute (via Time).

“George W. Bush has at least one distinction as Governor: since he took office in 1995 his state has seen more executions–119–than any other. Just as he was beginning his presidential campaign in 1998, the case of convicted murderer Karla Faye Tucker came up for review. Religious leaders from Pat Robertson to the Pope pleaded with Bush to spare Tucker. Like Bush himself, she had found Christ in midlife. He could have issued a 30-day reprieve and signaled to the parole board that Tucker should be granted clemency. He didn’t. Although he said he was anguished by the decision, in an interview in Talk magazine, writer Tucker Carlson described Bush mimicking the woman’s final plea for her life. “‘Please,’ Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, ‘don’t kill me.'”

That’s a telling personal incident.


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  1. donnafairy

    The media won’t let Hillary have it either way. First, they tell us that one of her problems is that she is cold, calculating, passionless. And then she is criticized for getting a little teary-eyed. I hope that people will actually watch the clip instead of just taking up the media spin on it. Obviously, the question struck an emotional chord, but I think that Hillary displays incredible composure in her very honest and heartfelt response. For me, the video shows a side of her that I had not seen previously. She seems more genuine and authentic, qualities I would like to see more often in this campaign.

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