Thoughts on the Iowa results:

  • This was a vote for change on both sides.I guess that’s obvious and to be expected–the president and Congress have historically low approval ratings—who wants more of the same?
  • My first choices lost—Biden and Chris Dodd. I think improved their standing, though. Chris Dodd for Senate majority leader!
  • Can Huckabee get the nomination? I just don’t see it happening. The big money players don’t like him and to put it bluntly, he doesn’t seem to hate immigrants enough for the modern GOP.
  • On the contrary Obama. Whoa! The guy can work a crowd. At the moment it looks like he could run the table, but of course this is just Iowa. Paul Krugman has been criticizing Obama for playing into GOP talking points (on Social Security for example), and generally for being naïve to think he can be a uniter, solving problems like health care by “getting everyone around the table”. Krugman says it will take open partisanship. I tend to agree, reforming healthcare is going to step on some powerful toes, but I don’t think populist partisanship is a great way to win elections. Witness W. He ran as a “uniter”, then governed in an extremely partisan way.


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  1. DK

    Obama’s speech was magnificent! He doesn’t tell people what to do . . . he dares them. (And it’s certainly an approah that is working!) I think he’s found his stride. On to New Hampshire!

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