Incurious Huckabee

The Carpetbagger reports that Mike Huckabee stumbled badly when being asked about the major foreign policy news story of the week, the NIE report that Iran had abandoned it’s nuclear weapons program in 2003. Huckabee hadn’t heard about.

Even after being told about it he didn’t seem to grasp the the issue.

Let’s see….likable guy running for president on a compassionate-moral-conservative agenda, but apparently incurious about the world and not particularly interested in foreign policy.

Does this sound familiar?

Update: Kevin Drum notes that Huckabee subsequently lies about the sequence of events and asks “who could have known”? It wasn’t a “gotcha question”. It was a “are-you-even-thinking-about-the-issues-the-president-of-the-USA-might-have-to-deal-with”? question. Answer from Huckabee. Not really. Don’t care.


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