Fred Thompson

Why is Fred Thompson running for President? He’s polling 2.8% in New Hampshire and every time I’ve seen him on TV he rambles on and on as if he hasn’t spent five minutes thinking about the issue. But of course that shouldn’t stop him from getting elected. Not if he has that Super-Duper Charismatic TV Presence like he’s supposed to have.  He’s an actor. The new Ronnie, right?

That’s what’s surprising.  He doesn’t.  He has zero TV charisma. Roger Simon, evaluating his debate performance, catches the essence of Thompson’s campaign:

“Fred Thompson’s performance reminded me of when Dr. Frankenstein looks up from the operating table and says: “It’s alive!” We are just so surprised that Thompson can show animation that we don’t really care what he says. If you can do well by not doing badly, then Thompson did well.”

Who encouraged this guy to run? In a way, he’s kind of like Gravel on Democratic side, but no one ever said Mike Gravel’s charisma was going to carry him.


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