Weasel-Dog Democrats

I’ve heard of Blue Dog Democrats, and Bourbon Democrats, and Dixiecrats, and New Democrats, but none of these labels really describes the new specie of Democrat we see emerging, the Weasel-Dog Democrat.

"I'm delighted to meet your wallet"

Exhibit A: Senator Chuck Schumer-NY.

Today Chuck voted for Michael Mukasey to be Attorney General of the United States of America despite Mr. Mukasey’s refusal to acknowledge that waterboarding is a) torture, and b) illegal.

Schumer voted for him because….I don’t know…he can play the Mukasey card later on and raise some big bucks? Whatever. All I know is that if Mukasey can rationalize waterboarding, there is no doubt he can defend gulags and martial law and all manner of quasi-Mussolini-empire-building that the Cheney wing of the Republican party dreams of. Schumer will follow Mukasey toward that America because Schumer clearly loves power and money. He sniffs it out, weasel-like.

How do I know that?

In addition to the Mukasey debacle, a few weeks ago Schumer opposed a Democratic proposal to tax hedge fund manager’s compensation at the same rate that everyone else pays. Hedge fund managers only pay 15% no matter how much they make because of a weird wrinkle in the tax code—even if they make hundreds of millions of dollars a year—which they do.

Not only does taxing this income at normal rates seem eminently fair, it seems like a gimmee issue for the Dems—the party of Justice and the Working Class. Schumer said no. Too many hedge fund managers in his rolodex, I guess. Whatever. The guy clearly does not represent the Democratic Party.



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2 responses to “Weasel-Dog Democrats

  1. donnafairy

    Where did you find that photo? He actually looks like a weasel! That’s got to be one of the phoniest smiles ever!

  2. dwightinsight

    That’s his official website photo—

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