To waterboard or not to waterboard

…in Bushworld, that is the question.

Is it, as our VP would say, a “no brainer”, a mere “dunking”? Or is it, as four retired JAGs (Judge Advocate Generals–the judicial arm of the military) would have it, “inhumane”, “torture”, and “illegal”.

In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the JAGs go on:

This is a critically important issue – but it is not, and never has been, a complex issue, and even to suggest otherwise does a terrible disservice to this nation. […]

In this instance, the relevant rule – the law – has long been clear: Waterboarding detainees amounts to illegal torture in all circumstances. To suggest otherwise – or even to give credence to such a suggestion – represents both an affront to the law and to the core values of our nation.

Those damn military liberals!

Via ThinkProgress


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