Quote of the day

John Dean, former White House counsel to Richard Nixon, on the Mukasey nomination (via TPM):

…. Bush is under even deeper suspicion (than Bush) for activities far more serious than anything Nixon engaged in for there is evidence Bush has abused the laws of war, violated treaties, and ordered (or approved) the use of torture and political renditions, which are war crimes.

Dean says that Bush’s nomination of Mukasey to replace Gonzalez is like Nixon’s nomination of Elliott Richardson to replace Richard Kleindienst in 1973 . In both instances the AG’s office and the president were under a cloud of suspicion of illegal activity, but in 1973

… Richardson was only confirmed when he agreed to appoint a special prosecutor, which, of course, he did. And when Nixon fired that prosecutor, Archibald Cox, it lead to his impeachment.

If the Democrats in the Senate refuse to demand any such requirement, it will be act that should send chills down the spine of every thinking American.


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