Tortured debate

I’m trying to figure this out. The conservative movement has defined itself for decades by ringing endorsements of “liberty” and “getting the coercive power of government out of the way”.

But with the Mukasey nomination for AG, I’m not making this up, they are now defending waterboarding as a…I don’t know….a presidential prerogative.

Let’s be clear: the only reason the US government knows about waterboarding is because they learned it from the Khmer Rouge. Now Mukasey can’t decide if he’s for or against it as stated policy of the United States? Help me here. This is a defense of liberty? This is a statement against the coercive power of government?

I’m a lifelong Democrat, and I’ve listened to the right wing propaganda about liberals being weak and fearful of defending our country so many times that I’ve kinda started believing it myself. But, in my opinion, if you can’t take a stand against waterboarding, you aren’t just weak and fearful, you aren’t qualified to be an American citizen—much less Attorney General of the United States. Yet the right wing rant against liberals goes on, and our illustrious leaders dither about waterboarding.

Here is a list of the Great Ditherers. Call them. Pressure them. If they persist in advocating this gross betrayal of our American heritage, vote them out of office:


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One response to “Tortured debate

  1. donnafairy

    The names on the different lists are pretty interesting. John McCain is now OK with waterboarding or at least OK with Mukasey’s undecided stance. Dems running for President appear to be ready to vote against Mukasey, but other Dems just don’t see any need to be so decisive. Most Republicans are ready to confirm Mukasey with poor old Arlen not so quick to do the same after all he has seen and heard from the last AG.

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