According to the NY Times Dems are receiving tons of money from the health care industry, more than GOPers:

Democratic presidential candidates have raised about $6.5 million from the industry, compared with nearly $4.8 million for the Republican candidates.

The NY Times reporter seems surprised…

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York has amassed the most of any candidate, despite her calls for broad changes to the health care system that could pose serious financial challenges to private insurers, drug companies and other sectors.

This shouldn’t be surprising. “Private insurers, drug companies and other sectors” are defending their economic turf and they think that a President Hillary is a serious possibility.

The sad thing is that President Hillary, no matter what she says, will in fact defend their economic turf. Exhibit A: the 2006 election in which Democrats ran on a platform of allowing Medicare to bargain with big Pharma for lower drug prices, a commonsense notion that had been prevented by the corrupt GOP machine. Despite winning the election, Democrats chickened out, and didn’t allow it.

In my opinion this is an ominous sign. There is no particular reason to believe Dems will defend the public interest. They all have to follow the money.


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