Noonan’s Hillary

Former Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan may have developed one the creepiest prose styles on the planet. I suggest you read her latest opus for the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed page to get the full effect. Theme of the day: criticizing Hillary Clinton, I think; although its all kind of fuzzy, like a Reagan speech.

Noonan apparently has no problem with Clinton’s policy positions or political philosophy because in 1200 words there is no statement, pro or con. In fact she suggests large numbers of women would vote for her except that there is just something about Hillary….something Noonan can’t quite put her finger on…its ephemeral, difficult to describe. Therefore Noonan, as usual, gives full rein to her impressionistic impressions, her weird similes and metaphors. Hillary, she says, is like a flying monkey, a bulldozer, a tea bag, a smiling pumpkin. (I’m not making his up). She has the “vacant eyes of a power zombie” that hide a “characterological bellicosity”.

Say what?


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