Introspective Republicans; Timid Democrats

From the NY Times Opinionator

Conservative bloggers are in an introspective mood after the blogburst of outrage, much of it now retracted, over the economic status of the family of 12-year-old Graeme Frost, who gave the Democratic response to President Bush’s radio address on Sept. 29

For example,

“Captain Ed” Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters thinks the Democrats were “demagoguing the debate by using the 12-year-old boy to make their political argument for them, then screaming about how heartless it was for Republicans to question the Frost’s qualifications for government assistance.” Still, Morrissey also concedes that bloggers on the right made a tactical error by focusing their wrath on the Frost family. He writes, “Like it or not, means testing is part of S-CHIP… .

OK, I guess I have to agree with the conservatives a bit. Having a 12-year old deliver a political message is a bit questionable; realistically, shouldn’t we keep kids out of politics?

But watching conservatives, who have built their entire movement over the past 30 years by delivering one cheap shot after another, complain about “demagoguing an issue” is absolutely hilarious. If anything, the Democrats use of Graeme Frost was a little timid as demagoguery goes.

But timidity is the watchword for Dems, so its not surprising that the program the Dems are defending, SCHIP, is itself timid. SCHIP guarantees health insurance, yes, but only to CHILDREN. And only if they are POOR. Help me Lord of Jesus! Guaranteed health insurance to children in 21st century America is a controversy?

If Dems had any huevos they’d send up a bill to Bush right NOW expanding Medicare to all children. Screw the means test of SCHIP. Let Bush veto THAT bill, and let conservatives defend it. What are they going to say? Medicare is a great program for the old but not the young? What’s up with that?

Conservatives would howl about the cost, but let’s get real. Does anyone believe the Republicans blather about fiscal restraint after their budget busting performance during the Bush years? Spending money doesn’t bother conservatives as long as it’s spent on insurance companies and military contractors–not children.

The timidity of Democrats on this issue is unbelievable.


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One response to “Introspective Republicans; Timid Democrats

  1. DK

    Your comment made it absolutely clear: Send up a bill expanding Medicare to children. Why not? How can anyone possibly rationalize blanket coverage for the old, but not for the young! Both SCHIP and Oregon’s measure expanding health care for children are worthy of support — but I’d be happier if they were financed by general contribution. We all have a responsibility here.

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