Candor on the right

From Bush’s Saturday radio address:

Congress’s SCHIP plan is an incremental step toward their goal of government-run health care for every American. Government-run health care would deprive Americans of the choice and competition that comes from the private market. It would cause huge increases in government spending. It would result in rationing, inefficiency, and long waiting lines. It would replace the doctor-patient relationship with dependency on bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. And it is the wrong direction for our country.

Setting aside the rhetoric about “waiting lines” and “bureaucrats in Washington DC”, and “inefficiency”, is Bush saying he is against all government financed health care? Does this mean he will start campaigning to repeal Medicare? If government financed healthcare is bad for children, surely its bad for the 47 million seniors in Medicare who participate in that program regardless of income. I can only take this as an honest declaration of the GOP’s antipathy toward Medicare. Finally. Thank you, Mr. Bush. We can only hope all GOP candidates are this candid as we head toward the 2008 election.

Update:  scratch that hope. Rather than honestly declaring their opposition to government programs like Medicare (as Bush did), the GOP is apparently attacking the 12-year old boy (a beneficiary of the SCHIP program) who delivered the Democrat’s radio response to Bush. That‘s more like the GOP I know!


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